How To Keep Your Mister In Optimum Condition?

mister A misting fan, or a mister, is an appliance that emits a very fine mist of water which evaporates in the air. They’re commonly used for cooling purposes, especially outdoors, though indoor usage of a mister is possible.

Because of this, these appliances are subject to heavy usage, especially during hot weather, and are prone to breakdowns and malfunctions. It’s therefore important to perform regular maintenance on the mister, to keep it running at optimum condition.

Cleaning Buildup

With extended use, mineral and dirt buildup will eventually accumulate on the water filters and the nozzles, which can restrict the normal operation time of the mister. As it’s also considered as a “fan”, the blades can also acquire dust buildup, also hindering normal operation.

It’s therefore recommended to clean these parts regularly to prevent buildup, or when you notice that the fan doesn’t seem to be operating at its peak capacity (less mist, slow fan startup, etc). Just simply disassemble the fan itself and clean the parts immediately using running water. In the case of nozzles, though, it’s suggested that you first soak them in vinegar for sometimes to easily dissolve the mineral buildup. Remember to always wipe them dry afterwards, as even a little moisture may cause the fan to malfunction, especially if the blades are still wet.

Preventing Leaks

If water is constantly running around the area near the mister, especially if it forms a pool, that’s a sign that your fan may be leaking. Usually, nozzle cleanup is the first thing that you’ll need to do when you’ve found a leak. If it still continues to leak, though, it’s time to check the rest of the appliance, especially the lines and the fittings. Depending on the level of the leaking part, it may either be solved with just a simply repair, or it may need to be replaced.

Motor Lubrication

If the fan is having trouble running immediately when the switch is on, then lubrication may be a good idea. Simply remove the fan grill, and then apply oil around the base motor near the area where the fan is attached. If the fan still doesn’t spin after lubrication has been applied, then repair is necessary.

Lubrication should also be done at regular intervals to ensure that the fans run smoothly without problems, as forcing them to spin may cause some friction inside the motors, which may be the eventual source of motor breakdown.

Parts Replacement

differEventually, the fan’s parts will be subjected to wear and tear that cleaning them may not be enough to restore them to peak capacity. This is true in the case of water filters, and even the nozzle fittings. Therefore, it’s very important to at least consider buying a replacement for these parts after a period of time. The recommended time for replacing parts is six months, but if any of them are damaged, then replace immediately.

It’s highly recommended that, when buying replacements parts, you should always go to the same dealer where you got your misting fan. This is to ensure that the parts you buy are fully compatible with your misting fan, and it ensures that the parts are in good quality.

Proper Storage In Cold Months

standerdStoring for the cold months is actually very easy, yet must be done to prevent any future damage, especially when it’s winter. Simply remove all the nozzles from the fan, drain all water from the lines, pump, and filters, and wipe them dry. This will prevent frozen water from accumulating on these parts, which will surely cause damage to the appliance the moment it’s used again.